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Property tax payment period starts on March 1!

Emlak vergisi ödeme dönemi 1 Mart'ta başlıyor!

Property tax payment period starts on March 1!

Tax payments for real estate owners in Turkey begin in March. Property tax is one of the taxes to be paid for real estate.

Property owners pay property tax every year in certain months is taxpayer.

Property tax is paid in two equal installments a year. The first installment payments are paid in March, April and may. The second instalments are paid in November. The first installment of the property tax for the year 2019 will start on March 1 and end on May 31.

Property tax payment can also be paid to the account of the municipality by PTT or bank transfer method. Banks authorized to collect taxes can also be paid by credit card via internet branches. Municipalities can be made online by becoming a member through e-municipal systems.

Who doesn’t have to pay property taxes?

The most gross 200 square meters and the only housing, housewives and unemployed with no income, Retired Persons with no other income other than the Retirement Fund (SSK, bağ-Kur and Pension Fund) and retired persons are exempt from the property tax payments.

The disabled, veterans, widows and orphans of the martyrs can benefit from a reduced (zero-rate) Building Tax application.


The interest rate has fallen!

In addition to the exchange rate attack in August, the impact of the global markets as well as the interest rates of housing loans, which have reached the peak of 15 years in mid-September, will be reflected in the pocket of the citizens.

In mid-September, the monthly mortgage loan rate rose to 3.24 percent, with a 120-month maturity of 300 thousand TL lending citizens, had to pay back a total of 1 million 192 thousand TL. The monthly payment of this citizen was 9 thousand 936 TL and the average annual cost of the loan was 47 percent.

According to the news of Sabah Seda Tabak, as well as the recent measures taken by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the improvement in the macro economy, and the success rates in the Treasury auctions are now lower than 2 percent. The monthly interest rate of the loan with a maturity of 10 years has decreased to 1.97 percent. The monthly payment of the loan amounted to TL 6 thousand 539, while the total payment amounted to 784 thousand TL and the annual cost was 26.6 percent. The monthly payment of the citizen was 3 thousand 397 TL and the total payment was decreased by 407 thousand TL.

According to the data released yesterday, housing sales decreased 9.2 percent in September compared to the previous month and increased 15.1 percent compared to the previous month and increased by 19.2 percent compared to the same period of the previous year to 146 thousand 356. All-time monthly home sales were broken. The increase in housing sales, VAT and title deed discounts, foreign purchases and deed land deeds were also effective.


Despite rising sales in the housing market, mortgage sales continue to decline due to the fact that the interest rate does not reach the desired level. In October, mortgage sales decreased by 79.1 percent to 8 thousand 65 percent. Analysts say the fall in housing loans will continue and 1.5 percent will be tested in the first place.

through real estate investments of $ 1 million investment conditions in granting citizenship of Turkey, be reduced to $ 250 thousand blew up residential sales to foreigners. Sales to foreigners increased by 134.4 percent in October compared to the same month of the previous year and became 6 thousand 276. In the first 10 months of the year, housing sales to foreigners increased by 70 percent to 30 thousand 431.

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Dwelling Period Over Three Months

Pending demands for housing in the last three months began to turn into sales. With the halt in the increase in foreign exchange rates and the withdrawal of interest rates, the demands are gradually turning into sales.

The long-standing problems in the housing sector are gradually ending. According to October 2018 housing sales statistics announced by TURKSTAT, housing sales increased by 19 percent. In November, due to high interest rates, the expected interest could not be provided, but the markets started to open in the previous months.

Experts argue that housing should go below 1 percent to achieve the targeted level of 1.5 percent for targeted sales. INTEREST IN DECREASING THE INTEREST IN EVENING THE INTEREST FALLS The housing loan interest rates also started to decline in recent weeks. The average interest rate on housing loans, which was 2.76, decreased to 2.45.

While the bank with more than 3 percent of housing loans remained, the lowest housing loan rate fell from 1.98 to 1.89. ING bank makes the lowest credit available. SPECIAL BANKS HAVE GIVEN STATE BANKS Private banks offer better opportunities than state banks.

Five banks make housing loans below 2%, while 4 of these banks are private banks. Only Ziraat Bank lends itself to loans from state banks with 1.98. Vakıfbank and Halkbank offer loans at higher rates than many private banks.

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The title deed and VAT reduction brought record!

The title deed and VAT discount, which started in May 2018 and was announced to continue until the end of the year, has stimulated the real estate sector. Campaigns facilitating the purchase of citizens’ housing brought a record in housing sales.

According to the news in Hurriyet Newspaper, 18 percent VAT applied to housing deliveries was decided to be reduced to 8 percent by 31 October and the title deed fee to 3 percent. It was announced that the campaign launched by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance will continue until the end of the year.

An advantage of TL 52 thousand

VAT and land registry allowance offers many opportunities for citizens. Considering that a house of 500 thousand pounds is sold with 18% VAT, the VAT that the citizen will pay to this house before the discount is 90 thousand liras, it is reduced to 40 thousand pounds with a discount. Only 50 thousand pounds provided by the VAT. The deed fee paid before the discount for the same house is 20 thousand liras, this reduction is 15 thousand pounds. Half of the deed fees are paid by the buyer and the seller. The buyer has the advantage of a total of 52 thousand 500 pounds in a house of 500 thousand pounds. The VAT discount was announced only at the beginning of May, while about 2 weeks later the commercial units such as offices and shops were included. Now with additional extension, those who buy commercial units will also provide an important opportunity.

He brought a record

VAT and title deed allowance, the campaigns offered by private companies have revived the housing market. In October, 146 thousand 536 people became homeowners and the highest monthly housing sales of all time were realized. In the first 10 months of 2018, 1 million 148 thousand 927 houses were sold. Last year, with the sale of 1 million 409 thousand 314 houses, the record of the history of the Republic has been broken, and industry representatives are expecting to close 2018 with a record. In order to maintain the mobility in the housing market, it is expected that the housing loan rates will decrease to reasonable rates and that the public will provide permanent support for VAT.

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Is that expatriates can buy a house with housing loans in Turkey?

The details of how Turkish citizens living abroad can use housing loans have been announced.

Private mortgage campaigns

According to reports in the newspaper Hurriyet, Turkish citizens living abroad buy houses in Turkey with housing loans as possible. It is preparing a special housing loan packages for those who want to own a property in Turkey. There are some special conditions for private mortgage loan campaigns.

What documents do I need?

To use housing loan from the Republic of Turkey does not need to become a citizen of Turkey. For non-Turkish citizen, had given the Republic of Turkey in foreign ID number is sufficient.

Documents requested for those who want to attract housing loans;

1- Tax ID number
2- Republic of Turkey Passport or birth certificate
3- Floor easement or condominium title deed,
4- Address
5- Income certificate,
6- Quarterly credit card statement

Private housing projects

Banks offer loans for finished projects or special projects prepared for those living abroad. In addition, mortgage loans are provided only for real persons.

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Plans to buy a house in 2019!

A few months before the new year, plans were made. In the new year, many people began to think about budgeting better and making new investments. If you want to implement these plans in the new year, we have listed a few tips.

Save money

Most of those who want to buy a new house in the new year are planning to buy a house by pulling out a mortgage loan. 20 percent of those who want to buy a house in front of the down payment is obligatory. People who want to buy a house can have a loan if they don’t have the savings, or they can reduce the model of their car.

Do research

Those who want to invest or buy a house in the new year to begin to settle should start regional-based research. You can make market research through real estate sites over the internet. While researching, you will see a decline in prices in some regions. Those who want to turn a recession into the market can follow the discounts made by the construction companies.


If you are newly married or still have your wedding jewelery on the other side, you can also use these jewelery to cash in as a down payment.

If you intend to buy housing using a mortgage, compare the interest rates and maturities. Interest rates will vary from bank to bank. You can also find out about these rates on the internet sites of banks and face to face.

Brings short-term investments

People who want to invest in the new year are often undecided about real estate investment or land investment. Those who wish to invest in land or land should first of all take into account that this investment will yield long-term profit. The appraisal and sale of land lasts longer than the housing market. For example; If you live in a rented land investment can make your budget difficult. If you have decided on the land investment, the area of ​​the land is important. You should care about the development works that are done or targeted. Thus, land investment can provide you good profit after a long period of time. People who want to invest in a shorter period of time should stay in the real estate sector. You can close the deficit in your budget by renting the house for investment purposes. If you need urgent money, selling the house will be much shorter than selling land. In the last ten years, many people in our country have decided to buy house by selling their land. (Hurriyetemlak)

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Record in housing sales again in Esenyurt!

According to the Turkey Statistical Institute announced yesterday that housing sales statistics in Turkey in October 2018 were sold 146 thousand 536 housing. The month of October 2018 was the month most sold in the housing, where many campaigns and discounts were made in the housing.

In the housing sales in October, Istanbul was the province with the highest share of 27 thousand 156 house sales and 18.5 percent. In mortgaged sales, Istanbul ranked first with a sales of 2 thousand 164 houses and a share of 26.8 percent.

In other housing sales, Istanbul ranked first with 24 thousand 992 house sales and 18 percent share. The share of other sales in total home sales in Istanbul was 92 percent.

In the first sales, Istanbul had the highest share with 13 thousand 978 house sales and the highest share with 18.7 percent. Among the total house sales in Istanbul, the share of second-hand sales was 48.5 percent.

Housing sales to foreigners increased by 134.4 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and became 6 thousand 276. In the housing sales for foreigners, Istanbul ranked first in October 2018 with the sale of 2 283 houses.

Esenyurt does not fall from the summit

When we look at the districts of Istanbul, the district was the most sold district. A total of 3 thousand 758 houses were sold in Esenyurt in October. Esenyurt was followed by Başakşehir with the sale of 1,823 houses and Sancaktepe with 1,532 house sales. Thousands of houses on which housing is sold are listed as follows; 1.365 in Pendik, 1.277 in Kadıköy, 1.215 in Beylikdüzü, 1.146 in Kartal.

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One of the 3 residences sold to foreigners is in Istanbul!

Historical peaks in the sale of housing to foreigners continue to be seen. In the first 10 months of this year, more than 30 thousand homes were sold. Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), the residential sales to foreigners When the data recorded on the rise for the first time 6 thousand units on a monthly basis while continuing in full swing.

According to the news published by Dünya Newspaper, foreign investors increased their housing investments with the effect of the campaigns and exchange rates of the sector. In October last year, 2 thousand 677 houses were sold to foreigners.

In the 10th month of this year, housing sales to foreigners increased by 69.8 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and became 30 thousand 431. In the last year, 22 thousand 234 households were sold to foreigners in the sector, and this number is expected to reach 40 thousand in 2018.

The first city preference for the sale of foreigners in Istanbul was not changed in October. In the 10 months of this year, 10 thousand 178 houses were sold to the foreigners in Istanbul. Istanbul was followed by Antalya with 6 thousand 397 houses, Bursa with 2 thousand 167 houses, Yalova with 642 houses, Ankara with 604 houses and Trabzon with 183 houses.

Iraqis are not leaving the summit

According to the nationalities of foreigners in the sale of housing, Iraqi citizens did not leave their place in October. In this period, the sale of 439 housing units to Iraqis accounted for 23 percent of total sales. In the month in question, Iranians followed the Iranians with 557 housing investments, Kuwaitis with 378, Germans with 341 units and Russians with 336 units.

Source: projepedia.com