Is that expatriates can buy a house with housing loans in Turkey?

The details of how Turkish citizens living abroad can use housing loans have been announced.

Private mortgage campaigns

According to reports in the newspaper Hurriyet, Turkish citizens living abroad buy houses in Turkey with housing loans as possible. It is preparing a special housing loan packages for those who want to own a property in Turkey. There are some special conditions for private mortgage loan campaigns.

What documents do I need?

To use housing loan from the Republic of Turkey does not need to become a citizen of Turkey. For non-Turkish citizen, had given the Republic of Turkey in foreign ID number is sufficient.

Documents requested for those who want to attract housing loans;

1- Tax ID number
2- Republic of Turkey Passport or birth certificate
3- Floor easement or condominium title deed,
4- Address
5- Income certificate,
6- Quarterly credit card statement

Private housing projects

Banks offer loans for finished projects or special projects prepared for those living abroad. In addition, mortgage loans are provided only for real persons.


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