Dwelling Period Over Three Months

Pending demands for housing in the last three months began to turn into sales. With the halt in the increase in foreign exchange rates and the withdrawal of interest rates, the demands are gradually turning into sales.

The long-standing problems in the housing sector are gradually ending. According to October 2018 housing sales statistics announced by TURKSTAT, housing sales increased by 19 percent. In November, due to high interest rates, the expected interest could not be provided, but the markets started to open in the previous months.

Experts argue that housing should go below 1 percent to achieve the targeted level of 1.5 percent for targeted sales. INTEREST IN DECREASING THE INTEREST IN EVENING THE INTEREST FALLS The housing loan interest rates also started to decline in recent weeks. The average interest rate on housing loans, which was 2.76, decreased to 2.45.

While the bank with more than 3 percent of housing loans remained, the lowest housing loan rate fell from 1.98 to 1.89. ING bank makes the lowest credit available. SPECIAL BANKS HAVE GIVEN STATE BANKS Private banks offer better opportunities than state banks.

Five banks make housing loans below 2%, while 4 of these banks are private banks. Only Ziraat Bank lends itself to loans from state banks with 1.98. Vakıfbank and Halkbank offer loans at higher rates than many private banks.