Plans to buy a house in 2019!

A few months before the new year, plans were made. In the new year, many people began to think about budgeting better and making new investments. If you want to implement these plans in the new year, we have listed a few tips.

Save money

Most of those who want to buy a new house in the new year are planning to buy a house by pulling out a mortgage loan. 20 percent of those who want to buy a house in front of the down payment is obligatory. People who want to buy a house can have a loan if they don’t have the savings, or they can reduce the model of their car.

Do research

Those who want to invest or buy a house in the new year to begin to settle should start regional-based research. You can make market research through real estate sites over the internet. While researching, you will see a decline in prices in some regions. Those who want to turn a recession into the market can follow the discounts made by the construction companies.


If you are newly married or still have your wedding jewelery on the other side, you can also use these jewelery to cash in as a down payment.

If you intend to buy housing using a mortgage, compare the interest rates and maturities. Interest rates will vary from bank to bank. You can also find out about these rates on the internet sites of banks and face to face.

Brings short-term investments

People who want to invest in the new year are often undecided about real estate investment or land investment. Those who wish to invest in land or land should first of all take into account that this investment will yield long-term profit. The appraisal and sale of land lasts longer than the housing market. For example; If you live in a rented land investment can make your budget difficult. If you have decided on the land investment, the area of ​​the land is important. You should care about the development works that are done or targeted. Thus, land investment can provide you good profit after a long period of time. People who want to invest in a shorter period of time should stay in the real estate sector. You can close the deficit in your budget by renting the house for investment purposes. If you need urgent money, selling the house will be much shorter than selling land. In the last ten years, many people in our country have decided to buy house by selling their land. (Hurriyetemlak)


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