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Property tax payment period starts on March 1!

Emlak vergisi ödeme dönemi 1 Mart'ta başlıyor!

Property tax payment period starts on March 1!

Tax payments for real estate owners in Turkey begin in March. Property tax is one of the taxes to be paid for real estate.

Property owners pay property tax every year in certain months is taxpayer.

Property tax is paid in two equal installments a year. The first installment payments are paid in March, April and may. The second instalments are paid in November. The first installment of the property tax for the year 2019 will start on March 1 and end on May 31.

Property tax payment can also be paid to the account of the municipality by PTT or bank transfer method. Banks authorized to collect taxes can also be paid by credit card via internet branches. Municipalities can be made online by becoming a member through e-municipal systems.

Who doesn’t have to pay property taxes?

The most gross 200 square meters and the only housing, housewives and unemployed with no income, Retired Persons with no other income other than the Retirement Fund (SSK, bağ-Kur and Pension Fund) and retired persons are exempt from the property tax payments.

The disabled, veterans, widows and orphans of the martyrs can benefit from a reduced (zero-rate) Building Tax application.